Earth Day is Coming – Go Green in Your Apartment near Philadelphia

Green Apartment near Philadelphia

Earth Day is coming! April 22 is a day when the entire planet celebrates the beauty of our natural world while also raising awareness of environmental issues. Here are ways you can celebrate by greening your apartment in West Chester near Philadelphia.

By taking steps to make your unit at Windermere Apartments a little more environmentally-friendly, you can help become a part of the effort to conserve our planet’s beauty. There are many ways that this can be done, but here’s what we suggest.   

Stop Using Single-Use Items

Single-use items produce a lot of waste that can contribute to the filling up of our landfills. You can cut back on the waste that finds its way into our landfills by identifying single-use items that get used in your home, and then replacing those single-use items with reusable items. Below are some types of items we’re talking about. 

  • Water bottles. Disposable water bottles waste plastic. Buy reusable water bottles to bring with you when you go out to run errands. 
  • Straws. Reusable straws are becoming commonplace. Stop using those disposable straws and replace them with non-disposable plastic straws that can be washed and used again and again. 
  • Refillable soaps. Don’t buy disposable plastic soap bottles; purchase glass bottles that can be used for years.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Some cleaning products are bad for the environment, but other cleaning products are safe, healthy and as natural as the food you keep in your kitchen. In fact, a lot of cleaning products are made from vinegar, which is edible! You can make your own cleaning products, or buy products that are made from natural materials.

Green Living in Philadelphia; Apartments near Philadelphia

Shop for Authentic Vintage Items

Why buy new clothes, new furnishings and new household items when you can purchase and re-use items from a different era? The more we reuse items, the less waste we produce.

There are lots of vintage and consignment shops in the Philadelphia area. Shop around to find the stores that carry quality goods. If you’re new to buying vintage items, it might take you a while to find the style you like best. Once you’ve developed the taste for vintage items, you’ll never go back. 

Use Reusable Shopping Bags

The hardest part about using reusable shopping bags is getting used to bringing them with you when you go shopping. Buy some reusable bags and put them in your purse or car, so you’ll always have them when you need them. Using reusable shopping bags is convenient as well as environmentally friendly as reusable bags last significantly longer.

Go Green With the Rest of Us At Windermere Apartments

Want to meet more people who care about their community and their environment? Join the residences at Windermere Apartments. Make an appointment to see our available units in West Chester near Philadelphia.

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