Have Fun at the New The Village Apartments Dog Park near Philadelphia

Woman With Her Dog In The Park

When it comes to finding a new luxury apartment, you’ve got many things to consider. If you’re a dog owner, the question landing at the top of your list: is the apartment pet-friendly? 

The Village at Windermere near Philadelphia has the answer to this question; a resounding “yes.”

In fact, not only are dogs welcome in these apartments near Philadelphia, their health and happiness are front and center thanks to the addition of a brand-new dog park. 

Here’s a look at the benefits of this fun and convenient amenity for dog owners in West Chester, PA. 

Keep Your Canine Happy

Dogs love free play, but restrictive leash laws in Pennsylvania make it difficult to find ample space for pups to roam and run free. We created our new dog park to provide an easy and safe place for dogs to get the off-leash exercise they need—no more driving to the nearest park after a long day of work. The Village at Windermere puts convenience at your doorstep.

They’ll also have plenty of opportunities to frolic with new four-legged friends. Plus, the stimulation they gain at the dog park can help keep excessive barking, restlessness, destructive habits, and other nuisance behaviors at bay.

Connect with Nature

Dogs and people alike need fresh air, sunshine, and exposure to nature to thrive. Our on-site dog park means you’ll spend more time together absorbing the many benefits of going together outside to have some fun and relieve stress. 

Knowing Your Neighbors

Meeting and connecting with neighbors can be challenging with our busy schedules. One way to get over this obstacle? Head to your community dog park and meet new friends, both human

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